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24X7 Global Zoom Conversations?

Jamien of has been doing 24 hour Zoom conversations on Fridays for several months to discuss environmental and food issues.

A comment he made in an email yesterday made me wonder.

Will 24X7 global Zoom conversations be how CNN evolves?

Could 24X7 conversations about solving global problems replace 24X7 announcements of global problems?

The Stranger in Me

Who is this person who celebrates? Who sings with joy? Who laughs with ease? Who is this child? In this aging body?

What is the name of this child? What do I call this soon to be 4-year-old? Born on a hospital gurney, shocked into life, after being impregnated by the hands of a pretty blonde nurse, who kept the aging body alive by energizing, my heart, by her vigorous touch, until the child, was ready to emerge.

The child emerges back into consciousness without memory of the touch, and forever grateful for the love infused into my heart.

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I Feel Pain

I have to keep moving
I need to get back home
I feel real pain
It makes it hard to keep moving toward home
I see the trees
I know they can keep growing because of the sun and the earth
Can I keep growing?
How do I tap the sun and the Earth?

I have to keep moving
Even through all the pain
I need to get home
To the reassurances of bricks and mortar
And steel and wood and a sense of predictability and stability

I feel the pain
I feel others pain
I have to keep moving
Home is getting closer
Will I be able to make it
I feel the pain

Home is in sight
It’s still the same as I remember it
Will it remember me?
Through all this pain
Will I be able to find comfort at home?

I feel the pain in my body
How do I relieve it?
Is it only about money and food?
Security and discomfort?
Ego and rage?

Is the pain in my body, or my mind?
How would I know the difference?
Will being home be the same?
Or will it forever be different?


For more than a decade my work has been to ask questions of CEOs. Now I have new questions for them and for you.

If you hear a weather prediction, and you don’t like the forecast, can your actions have any impact on the weather that day?

If you hear a forecast about the Corona virus, can your actions impact the accuracy of that forecast?

Do you have the power by your actions, or lack of actions, to make the forecast come true, to be worse than forecast, or to be better than forecast?

Do you care enough about yourself, your family, your neighbors, your community, your country, our Earth, to use your power and take action?

Do you know enough about what actions to take to achieve the result you want? Do you want to make it better? Or, do you want to make it worse?

Do you want to argue about it? Do you want to learn what the impact of your actions can be? Do you know how to learn?

Do you really think you can make a difference? Do you have the confidence in what you learn, and how you learn, to act based on what you learn?

Do you have teachers and advisors, who will help you learn? Do you want to learn? Or, would you prefer to stick with your beliefs, even if the facts don’t support your beliefs?

Do you prefer to stay in denial of the facts? Do the facts make you angry? Do you think you can negotiate the facts?

Can you trust your teachers and advisors? Or, are they more interested in themselves and advancing their own interest, than caring about you?

Who cares about you? Who do you turn to when you need help and you’re afraid?

Are you afraid now? Can you admit that you’re afraid? Can you still feel strong and brave, if you admit you’re afraid?

Do you have any idea what you’re feeling? Are you in touch with your feelings? Can you put names to your feelings, and bring them into the daylight?

How long a list of feeling names can you make? How many of them would apply to this current chaotic situation?

Who do you trust to challenge your feelings and your beliefs? Do you trust what you read? Do you trust what you see on television? Do you trust anyone?

Will you let anyone challenge your feelings and beliefs? If you don’t, how will you be able to grow and adjust to rapidly changing circumstances?

If you can’t adapt, evolve and adjust to a new normal, how will you survive? How have other human beings adapted, evolved and survived through major catastrophes of all sorts?

Can you adapt from “either or” thinking? Could you evolve to “yes and” thinking? Can you credit other’s ideas and not just your own? Can you add their ideas to your ideas and collaborate? Cooperate?

Would the world be better if you did? Would the world be better if we all did?

Could the “yes and” meme spread around the world? Could it go viral?

Could we all become infected? Could we all begin cooperating and collaborating?

Could we change the consciousness of the whole world? Could we have better lives because we learned something from a virus?

Personal regards, Ed

Ed Yarrish

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” Winston Churchill

Network Organizations

I first came in contact with the idea of an alternative form of organizing as a network in April of 1985. I was part of a small-group of early online pioneers who were experimenting with text based group communications. A group of about 50 people met over a long weekend in New York City and agree to create a professional network called the Electronic Networking Association.

Two of the people involved in that meeting were Jeffrey Stamps and Jessica Lipnack.  Jeff and Jessica were already writing about network organizations and they have subsequently written several books related to network organizations and virtual teams. In one of their books, The Age of the Network: Organizing Principles for the 21st-Century (John Wiley & Sons, 1996), they started a list of characteristics to contrast a traditional organizational hierarchy with a network organization. Here’s that list:

Traditional Organization   Network Organization
(Mechanistic)                                  (Organic)

Extrinsic purpose                          Intrinsic purpose
Imposed Control                            Self-Control
Specialized                                        Generalized
Dependence                                      Independence

Formal Channels                            Voluntary Relations
Commands                                        Consultation
Appointed Leaders                        Natural Leaders
Formal Jobs                                      Loosely Defined Jobs
Rigid Levels                                       Flexible Levels

Over the years I have made some personal additions to that list that includes the following:

Parent-Child Relationships        Adult-Adult Relationships
Need to Ask Permission              You Can Act on Your Own Initiative
Someone Promotes You             You Promote Yourself
Work for Someone (boss)            Work with Others (colleagues)
Position and Title Oriented        Relationship and Bandwidth Oriented
Big Power                                           Low-Power
Big Muscle                                         Big Brain
Standardization                              Diversification
King and Council Model              Network and Node Model

In future notes I will discuss some of these characteristics further. Do any of these concepts resonate with you? Do you see them in changing cultural norms?  Do you have any examples of network organizations that you are part of, or that you have observed?

I look forward to your comments and links to related information.

Thanks – Chairman Ed

PS  I am still learning about the WordPress blogging software and I do not know how to make two well ordered columns.  Tab keys do not seem to work.

Opening Thoughts from Chairman Ed

First some thoughts about writing this blog and then about topics to be explored –

I approach this with a series of trepidations. Will anyone ever read any of this? How can I attract people to read, and perhaps more importantly, to comment? How much effort and energy will this take? Can I find that energy among the other demands of my life? And, can it help me generate new personal energy through connections with other people and with opportunities to create concepts, connections and concrete actions that are socially beneficial.

As a former debater in high school and college, I enjoy exploring possibilities from multiple angles to see which holds the most truth and opportunity. As an entrepreneur, I enjoy the process of moving from an idea to action. When I have done these things previously, it was in a much more confined space than the breath of the Internet. Writing here feels like talking into the darkness, while wondering if someone will turn on the lights and how my thoughts will look in the brightness of daylight.

So, with my trepidations laid out in front of you, here are some of the topics I plan to write about now and potentially much further into the future.

Network Organizations, including the characteristics of this form of organization and the infrastructure that the Internet continues to evolve to support this type of organizational process.

Hybrid Organizations, as interim steps to network forms, as hybrid cars are interim steps toward electric vehicles.

Adult Learning, and new opportunities to connect people around the globe so that they can learn with, and from, each other.

Intentional Family, as social supports when government safety nets are being challenged in terms of their sustainability.

Intimacy, sexuality and personal growth, as the spice to attract an audience, and because they are important parts of our humanity.

And, there is even the possibility some threads will weave these topics together.

I hope I have piqued your curiosity enough to have you bookmark this link or click on an RSS feed. And, I would sincerely appreciate it, if you take a moment to make a comment or ask a question.

Thanks – Chairman Ed