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For more than a decade my work has been to ask questions of CEOs. Now I have new questions for them and for you.

If you hear a weather prediction, and you don’t like the forecast, can your actions have any impact on the weather that day?

If you hear a forecast about the Corona virus, can your actions impact the accuracy of that forecast?

Do you have the power by your actions, or lack of actions, to make the forecast come true, to be worse than forecast, or to be better than forecast?

Do you care enough about yourself, your family, your neighbors, your community, your country, our Earth, to use your power and take action?

Do you know enough about what actions to take to achieve the result you want? Do you want to make it better? Or, do you want to make it worse?

Do you want to argue about it? Do you want to learn what the impact of your actions can be? Do you know how to learn?

Do you really think you can make a difference? Do you have the confidence in what you learn, and how you learn, to act based on what you learn?

Do you have teachers and advisors, who will help you learn? Do you want to learn? Or, would you prefer to stick with your beliefs, even if the facts don’t support your beliefs?

Do you prefer to stay in denial of the facts? Do the facts make you angry? Do you think you can negotiate the facts?

Can you trust your teachers and advisors? Or, are they more interested in themselves and advancing their own interest, than caring about you?

Who cares about you? Who do you turn to when you need help and you’re afraid?

Are you afraid now? Can you admit that you’re afraid? Can you still feel strong and brave, if you admit you’re afraid?

Do you have any idea what you’re feeling? Are you in touch with your feelings? Can you put names to your feelings, and bring them into the daylight?

How long a list of feeling names can you make? How many of them would apply to this current chaotic situation?

Who do you trust to challenge your feelings and your beliefs? Do you trust what you read? Do you trust what you see on television? Do you trust anyone?

Will you let anyone challenge your feelings and beliefs? If you don’t, how will you be able to grow and adjust to rapidly changing circumstances?

If you can’t adapt, evolve and adjust to a new normal, how will you survive? How have other human beings adapted, evolved and survived through major catastrophes of all sorts?

Can you adapt from “either or” thinking? Could you evolve to “yes and” thinking? Can you credit other’s ideas and not just your own? Can you add their ideas to your ideas and collaborate? Cooperate?

Would the world be better if you did? Would the world be better if we all did?

Could the “yes and” meme spread around the world? Could it go viral?

Could we all become infected? Could we all begin cooperating and collaborating?

Could we change the consciousness of the whole world? Could we have better lives because we learned something from a virus?

Personal regards, Ed

Ed Yarrish

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” Winston Churchill

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