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Image of a Network Organization

Connecting Minds

At the same time that the drawing for the “shaky pyramid” in the last post was created, this drawing was made to illustrate a network organization. In both cases I was pleasantly surprised by the artist’s choice for illustrating these ideas, based on very sketchy information that I provided.


In a very real way this illustrates the electronic connection, and energy flow, that is the Internet. It is a way of connecting minds, which is illustrated here by only having people’s heads.


This diagram also makes apparent in graphic form some of the characteristics of a network organization when comparing it to a traditional hierarchy as illustrated in a previous post.  It is more apparent that in this form there are no “rigid levels” as there are in a hierarchy.  It is not “position” based. Rather it is a “relationship and bandwidth” oriented.

It is also obvious it is more about “brain” than it is about “muscle”.  I recall reading an article that critiqued the state of Pennsylvania, where I live, because people tended to talk more about someone being “a hard worker” or “working hard” than “working smart”. To me working smart implies more learning and more education – more brain power – while working hard implies more physical effort and muscle.  Does this way of expressing ourselves lead us to undervalue education and learning? Would our public support for education be much stronger if more of our informal conversation was in admiration of people who work smarter?

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  1. Lou Bottitta August 14, 2011 at 8:17 pm

    Hi Ed – found your blog – thanks for letting me know about it. I’ve signed up to be notified about your future posts.

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