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Monthly Archives: April 2011

Opening Thoughts from Chairman Ed

First some thoughts about writing this blog and then about topics to be explored –

I approach this with a series of trepidations. Will anyone ever read any of this? How can I attract people to read, and perhaps more importantly, to comment? How much effort and energy will this take? Can I find that energy among the other demands of my life? And, can it help me generate new personal energy through connections with other people and with opportunities to create concepts, connections and concrete actions that are socially beneficial.

As a former debater in high school and college, I enjoy exploring possibilities from multiple angles to see which holds the most truth and opportunity. As an entrepreneur, I enjoy the process of moving from an idea to action. When I have done these things previously, it was in a much more confined space than the breath of the Internet. Writing here feels like talking into the darkness, while wondering if someone will turn on the lights and how my thoughts will look in the brightness of daylight.

So, with my trepidations laid out in front of you, here are some of the topics I plan to write about now and potentially much further into the future.

Network Organizations, including the characteristics of this form of organization and the infrastructure that the Internet continues to evolve to support this type of organizational process.

Hybrid Organizations, as interim steps to network forms, as hybrid cars are interim steps toward electric vehicles.

Adult Learning, and new opportunities to connect people around the globe so that they can learn with, and from, each other.

Intentional Family, as social supports when government safety nets are being challenged in terms of their sustainability.

Intimacy, sexuality and personal growth, as the spice to attract an audience, and because they are important parts of our humanity.

And, there is even the possibility some threads will weave these topics together.

I hope I have piqued your curiosity enough to have you bookmark this link or click on an RSS feed. And, I would sincerely appreciate it, if you take a moment to make a comment or ask a question.

Thanks – Chairman Ed